Lindsey T.

Denver, CO

I never knew organizing my closet would change my life so dramatically! I can finally say I have "internal peace" when I sit down to rest. Cassidy is so professional and awesome and I highly recommend Cassidyllic to everyone (everyone who wants a more peaceful, stress-free life that is!) Game. Changer.

Beth F.

Denver, CO

I cannot thank Cassidy enough with her help in organizing my kitchen cabinets. I had 12 years of spices, chocolate chips, vinegar and other junk shoved in them.. I knew I needed help when I put a bag of chips in a cupboard, then quickly closed the door so it wouldn't fall out! She is so patient, organized and had the best recommendations. I was stuck in my ways and never even thought of moving things around. Everything makes much more sense and everything has a place!!! I smile when I open the cabinet doors now, really, I do. I wasn't even embarrassed to show her my disaster, she is so NOT judgmental (and trust me, I should have been embarrassed). I highly recommend her to anyone who needs some help and/or motivation. She was there from start to finish, no mess left over to deal with. I will definitely be using her for other projects in my house in the future.

Lindsey B.

Denver, CO

Ahhhh, I can finally breath again! The battle of the paperwork bulge is an overwhelming one, and one that multiplies after one week! Spending a couple hours with Cassidy let me put my home office, filing cabinet and paperwork anxiety at ease! Thanks to her help I now have a place for everything and a system to manage incoming mail! Not to mention, a tidy and organized home office that "sparks joy" for me every day!

Heading 2

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